North South Rail Line and South West Rail Link Extension

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    This corridor is confirmed.

In June 2020 the NSW Government confirmed the alignments of the following future transport links in Western Sydney:

  • the North South Rail Line and South West Rail Link Extension
  • the Western Sydney Freight Line

Transport for NSW has been in contact with landowners affected by the confirmed future transport links.

To find out if a property is affected by a future transport link visit the NSW Government’s planning portal and search for a property address. Updated maps will be available from 8 July, 2020. All land within a confirmed future transport link has been rezoned to SP2 Infrastructure – Reserved Infrastructure Corridor.

Property and land impacts

The way landowners currently use their property or land can continue. If landowners wish to change how they use their property, then the rezoning might impact that. If they need to apply for development consent, some matters may now need to be referred to Transport for NSW for review by the consent authority prior to any approval being granted. This may mean that certain developments will be prohibited.

Further information can be found on the ‘Frequently asked Questions for landowners in confirmed future transport links ‘.

Acquisition of land

There is no need for Transport for NSW to acquire land until close to the time the transport infrastructure is required. In the meantime landowners can continue to live in and use their land. We acknowledge that this may impact landowners short and long term planning and property decisions. Landowners can contact us at any time if they would like to talk about their personal circumstances.

When land is required, all acquisitions will be under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. The property valuation and acquisition process will be fair, consistent and transparent with the market value of the property or land assessed at the time of acquisition, and as if the land is not affected by the future transport link.

For more information on the property acquisition process please visit the NSW Government’s property acquisition website.

Owner initiated acquisition

Landowners have an opportunity under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 (NSW) to apply for early acquisition before the land is required for future transport infrastructure projects.

To apply for early acquisition, landowners must be able to show that they would suffer ‘hardship’ (as that term is defined in the Just Terms Act) if the acquisition of their land is delayed.

Eligible landowners may choose to begin this request at any time once their land has been designated for future acquisition.

Owner-initiated acquisition in cases of hardship information is available on the NSW Government’s property acquisition website including:

Landowner support

Transport for NSW has been in contact with affected landowners since March 2018. We will continue to stay in touch with landowners as future transport link infrastructure projects are developed and before the acquisition process commences.

A Personal Manager will be provided as a support person to all landowners. The Personal Manager will act as landowners’ primary point of contact.

Early engagement and ongoing support from the Personal Manager will assist landowners in having a clear understanding of the acquisition process and the options available to them. This will ensure property owners make informed decisions, tailored to their unique circumstances.

Further landowner resources are available on the NSW Government’s property acquisition website.

Get in touch

Contact one of our Personal Managers.

Additional information

Further future transport link information is available including: